Here is a very interesting and effective way for you to get top rankings with some of the particular keywords in no time. We are going to explain some of the simple, tricky and quick ways to get your website and business at top rankings on search engine within days.

Google Business Location page setup:

Google is working hard consistently to position the local businesses at top in search according to the respective location and prioritizing to build audience through Google Listings.  Just create your Google Business page and get on top of Google Search results with the following tips and tricks. You can see the below image and how the Google business listings are displayed.

  1. Include the keyword in the page name (Eg: Software company Hyderabad)
  2. Pin the map exactly
  3. Fill the complete and full information
  4. Verify Business, Website and Address
  5. Get reviews on page
  6. Select the exact category you belong to get more traffic in search

software companies pic

By following the above tricks, you can get on top of results and also in the map results according to the location of search. You can drive an additional traffic to your business and website. It also works the same with Bing with the same parameters explained above.

Youtube Video:

Now, you have got your Google Listing and now you need to create a video of your brand or business and upload it on YouTube.

  1. There is a huge mob of web developers who are consistently looking to accomplish content from Youtube and and broadcast on their website to earn from advertisements. This creates an befalling for us to broadcast our content to all those websites
  2. Again Youtube is a Google Service, so assuredly there is a top priority of YouTube videos in search engine results
  3. Rich markup for videos on Google Search results. You might have noticed the appearance of YouTube videos with a thumbnail in search results clearly shows the content drives more traffic comparably.

Here again, you need to follow some tips and tricks to get on top

  1. Include a top keyword in video title, description and tags
  2. Include link of your website in the video description
  3. Select the exact category your video belongs to
  4. Add location of your business to your video

Publish your company profile on Document sharing websites :

We have invested lot of time and effort in the creation of our company profile of our Products and Services. Now, it is the time to utilize our profile and turn them into earning money or to brand our business through SEO.

Link building is the most important factor in search engine rankings, it is very important to get our content and url on the websites which are related to our business. Follow the below parameters while posting or publishing the Company Profile.

  1. Make your profile in .doc, .pdf or .ppt format only
  2. Include your keywords in Title, Body and Footer
  3. Include anchor links in all pages (footer is preferred)
  4. Keep the file size below 3MB
  5. Name the file name with related keywords
  6. Upload the files on Document Sharing websites like,

These are the easy and effective tricks to follow to get on top of Google search results. There are many of the tricks to gain more traffic, please follow us on our blog to know more of them regularly.