It is a known fact that, WordPress is the largest CMS. Many of our clients, associates and partners have asked us some of the questions like Why WordPress is so popular ? Why do people prefer it so much ? Why every fourth website is created in WordPress ? About WordPress limitations ?

1. WordPress is Open and Free Source
WordPress is an open source software available at free to download at WordPress. Original source codes are publicly available at free. Most of the hosting providers provide one click WordPress installation.

2. Create any kind of website in minutes
WordPress is very versatile and is flexible to create any type of website. There are wide range of plugins and themes to choose and increase the functionality. You can create an E Commerce Website, Business Website, News Website and any kind of website you desire.

3. WordPress is 99% SEO friendly
There are many plugins available in WordPress to turn your website SEO friendly and get in top SERPs. Completing all the parameters is just a matter of installing SEO Plugins like Yoast, All in one seo and many.

4. No Technical knowledge needed, very easy to use
Everything in WordPress is predefined and very easy to use. WordPress is ready to use at one click with all the inbuilt facilities to create, edit or delete any post, page and many more. You don’t need to know any coding knowledge, just custom configure everything.

5. Easy customization
It is very easy to change colors, design and any features you want in WordPress. You don’t need to be a designer or developer.

6. Large community helps in troubleshooting
Just search a query in WordPress Forum, you will find answer if not, you can post your query without any hesitation; you will get a 100% valid solution.

7. WordPress is secure
WordPress always makes sure to keep your website secure with regular updates and protect you from hackers and loopholes.

8. Supports multimedia
WordPress supports Inserting of Image, Video and Audio with ease. Any kind of file can be uploaded or inserted on just a click. Images with any kind of resolution can be uploaded and can be edited as per the requirement.

9. Easy to integrate any application or service
Integration of Payment gateway, Contact Form, Email Configuration, SMS configuration and any can be integrated easily just by installing necessary plugin.

10. Better with most updates
WordPress is enhancing its system with the latest versions and evolving day by day to improve user friendly interface and its features for Optimized SEO, WordPress Users, convenient dashboard and much more.